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On sale NOW

I am excited to announce that the Power Cards is finally released! You can now purchase your deck from HERE It has been 12 months of hard work – from inception to creation.  Thank you to all those who helped me on this journey – […]

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How to use the cards

For those who are not familiar with using cards like this, it might be confusing at first. In this article, we will explore how to use the cards for personal development. This method does not need the booklet. First of all, look through all the […]

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Presale on NOW

Presale on NOW. This beautiful deck of Power Cards was created as a tool to help you embrace your authentic power and improve your relationship to power. You can choose a card for everyday guidance or use the cards in workshops or for coaching purposes. […]

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Box making

As a child I love making boxes using cardboard and making books.  These skills came in handy today as I DIY a box to see how it physically looked as a finished product, which enables me to make improvements to the box. It’s looking great […]

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These cards were inspired by the book The Women’s Power Handbook, co-authored by Moira Rayner and the Late Hon Joan Kirner, the first female Premier of Victoria, Australia. I was honoured to have met her before she passed away and wrote this piece in 2015, […]

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