These cards were inspired by the book The Women’s Power Handbook, co-authored by Moira Rayner and the Late Hon Joan Kirner, the first female Premier of Victoria, Australia. The book caused me to reflect on how I relate to power, how I perceive power and how I use my power. Power can have negative connotations – it can be seen as manipulative, forceful and/or corrupt.

The fact is however that power is simply a form of energy and there is no judgment (positive or negative) until an intention is assigned. It takes power to corrupt people’s minds and hearts. Conversely, it also takes power to influence and empower people to bring together a cohesive society.  Both extremes require power, and whether it turns out to be positive or negative depends on the person who is holding the power.  There are people who will manipulate others to join their cause and keep them at bay to maintain their own position.  Others will genuinely want to bring about positive change, and empower other people along the way. Power is an energy.  Tune into it, work with it and it will work for you.