How to use the cards

For those who are not familiar with using cards like this, it might be confusing at first. In this article, we will explore how to use the cards for personal development. This method does not need the booklet. First of all, look through all the cards and pick a card that is relevant to you at this time.  Choose base on the words or the images that appeal to you most at this time. Then write down at least three different ways this aspect of power may be relevant to you. Then think about how you might develop this aspect of power, including a list of people to speak to, events to attend or situations to put yourself in to develop this aspect of power.

For example, if I pick the card courage.  The three ways in which this power is relevant to me includes having the courage to step outside my comfort zone; having the courage to speak up at meetings; having the courage to write articles. In considering on how I might develop this power, in term of speaking up at meetings, I might prepare notes before I attend the meeting, so I have all the relevant information.  In terms of writing articles, I might find editors to help me edit my articles before I publish them. In terms of stepping outside my comfort zone, I might book and pay for whatever I should attend before my negative thoughts kicks in.
This is only an example, some of these worked for me, but might not work for you. It is important you develop strategies that will work for you. The purpose of the cards help bring up a topic you wish to develop and bring your attention to work out how it might be overcome. It is recommended that you use it for this purpose monthly.
There are many other ways to use for developmental purposes and I will share more insights about them in future posts.

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